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8 Common Reasons for a New Jersey Divorce

The process of divorce in New Jersey can be a difficult and emotional experience. While the exact reasons why people seek a New Jersey divorce are varied and complicated, some of the most common reasons for divorce in New Jersey include:

  • Infidelity
  • Financial issues
  • Changes in values or goals
  • Communication issues
  • Mental health problems
  • Addiction problems
  • Domestic abuse
  • Physical distance

We take a moment to consider each of these more frequently occurring underlying causes for a New Jersey marriage dissolution proceeding in turn.


Infidelity is one of the leading causes for a New Jersey marriage dissolution case, as trust has been broken in the relationship. Unfortunately, this form of betrayal affects both partners and can cause deep emotional pain and trauma. Despite attempts to reconcile following marital infidelity, the stark reality is that many couples simply are not able to get their relationship back on a healthy, meaningful course in the aftermath of a situation in which a spouse has cheated.

Financial Stress or Differences

When two people have different opinions on money management or spending habits, it can lead to considerable tension in a relationship. Financial stress or differences can make it difficult to move forward together as a married couple. Financial disagreements can also lead to arguments that never seem to get resolved, making living together on a day-to-day basis a significant challenge

Changes in Values or Goals

As people grow and change throughout life, their values may begin to differ from those shared by their spouse. For example, this could mean that one partner wishes to pursue a different career path than previously planned or even just wants different things out of life than what was initially agreed upon when getting married. Whatever the difference may be, it can create divisions within a marriage making divorce more likely if able to be addressed properly. These types of changes underlie many New Jersey divorce cases.

Communication Issues

Married couples need to be able to talk openly with one another. The failure or growing inability to communicate openly and honestly can result in significant problems in a marriage that can put a couple on an irreversible path towards separation and divorce. A lack of communication between spouses frequently leads to misunderstandings and confusion which eventually result in an inability to move past issues that arise in any type of relationship.

Mental Health Problems

If either spouse suffers from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, this can severely impact a marital relationship. Oftentimes, there are situations in which both spouses are afflicted with some type of mental health condition that tears at the fabric of a marriage and leads a couple to a New Jersey divorce proceeding.

Addiction Problems

In addition to mental health issues or problems, substance use disorder (including addiction) can damage a marital relationship. An underlying reason for a New Jersey divorce oftentimes involves a spouse who abuses or is addicted to mind altering substances. It is important to note that a situation involving a spouse with an addiction problem can result in other relationship destroying issues like financial problems, communication issues, and mental health problems.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is still shockingly common amongst married couples today. Women remain the primary victims of domestic abuse. However, there are instances in which a wife is the perpetrator and the husband is the victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse nearly always ultimately will result in the collapse of a marital relationship. What is particularly grim is that oftentimes an abuse spouse does not take steps necessary to bring an end to an abusive marriage until a considerable amount of pain, harm, and injury has occurred.

Physical Distance

Yet another reason why many New Jersey marriages end in divorce is found in situations in which spouses are at a physical distance a considerable amount of the time. For example, there are marriages in which one or both spouses must travel a considerable amount of the time. With that said, there are also many New Jersey marriage dissolution cases in which the spouses don’t travel but nonetheless spend a considerable amount of time away from each other because of work or for other reasons. Call us today for a free consultation at (201) 845-7400.

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