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How to Counter Parental Alienation

Parental alienation, which occurs when one parent attempts to turn the child against the other parent, is a difficult and complex issue that can arise in the midst of divorce proceedings. It can have a negative impact on the child’s emotional well-being, their relationship with the targeted parent, and can even lead to long-term psychological issues for them. As such, it’s important for divorcing couples to take steps to counter parental alienation before it has a chance to take root.

Five common ways in which a divorcing person can counter parental alienation include:

  • Awareness of what constitutes parental alienation
  • Focus on best interests of child or children
  • Maintain open and direct communication
  • Limit exposure of children to conflict
  • Encourage positive interaction
Awareness of What Constitutes Parental Alienation

When beginning divorce proceedings, it is important for a parent to be aware of what parental alienation looks like. It is vital to be able to recognize the warning signs of parental alienation. These signs might include:

  • Children expressing anger or resentment toward one parent without an obvious cause
  • Children acting hostile or rejecting toward one parent
  • Children refusing to have contact with one parent
  • Children expressing false allegations about one parent
  • Children displaying loyalty only to one parent
  • Children blaming one parent inappropriately for problems in the family
Focus on Best Interests of the Child or Children

Second, parents should strive to stay focused on the best interests of their children first and foremost during their divorce proceedings. This means avoiding any behavior that puts their own interests before those of their children, such as making derogatory remarks about each other in front of them or arguing over money or assets instead of putting time into discussing parenting plans and ensuring they're mutually beneficial.

Maintain Open and Direct Communication

Third, it’s important that parents communicate openly and directly with each other throughout the divorce process as a means to counter parental alienation. Even if it requires working through a mediator or lawyer rather than dealing with each other directly, maintaining open lines of communication is key for countering parental alienation because it allows both parties to work together towards solutions rather than allowing resentments and misunderstandings to build up between them.

Limit Exposure of Children to Conflict

Fourth, parents should strive whenever possible to limit how exposed their children are to any potential conflict surrounding the divorce process. Whenever possible this could mean attending counseling sessions together as a family where appropriate boundaries are established around how disagreements will be handled when they arise. It may also mean putting up boundaries between themselves as co-parents so that contact between them remains limited and professional while still focusing on engaging actively in their children’s lives together as much as possible despite their divorce proceeding.

Encourage Positive Interaction

Finally, both parents should make sure they are encouraging positive interactions between themselves and the other parent when they occur. This could range from making sure holidays are shared evenly so no feelings of neglect occur among either party's family members, participating in activities together as co-parents whenever possible such as attending school events together (even if separately), helping each other out with any logistical matters related to parenting responsibilities such as picking up kids from school or extracurricular activities if needed – anything done just makes sure everyone involved knows that both parties care deeply about raising healthy happy children by doing whatever is necessary for them regardless of any ongoing personal conflicts outside of those responsibilities themselves .

These five tips provide divorced couples with guidelines to counter parental alienation during divorce proceedings so their children can still maintain positive relationships with both parents moving forward despite any existing animosity between them due to marital issues leading up its dissolution. Taking these steps early on can help ensure every involved party's mental health is taken into consideration during this stressful period so all individuals involved emerge better off than before once life resumes its regular course. It is important to note that retaining legal counsel can also be a useful tactic when it comes to addressing the prospect of parental alienation during the course of marriage dissolution procedure. If you want a free consultation concerning countering parental alienation call (201) 845-7400.

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