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Nine Signs Your Spouse May be Cheating

Infidelity – cheating – is one of the most common underlying reasons for a divorce. A New Jersey divorce attorney is apt to tell you that representing clients in marriage dissolution proceedings that somehow involve infidelity or cheating occurs with notable frequency.

There are nine more commonplace signs that a spouse may be cheating:

  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Introduction of “new” sexual interaction
  • Hide cell phone bill
  • Hide cell phone
  • Increased interest in dress and grooming
  • Increased use of computer
  • Unaccountable time
  • Accuses other spouse of cheating
  • Jokes about cheating
Lack of Interest in Sex

A primary indicator that your spouse may be cheating is an increasing lack of interest in sex with you. Oftentimes, the seeming lack of interest in sex occurs suddenly. The cheating spouse is highly likely to make different types of excuses for this turn of events, including such things as stress from work.

Introduction of “New’ Sexual Interaction

At the other end of the proverbial “sex spectrum” that can be indicative of a spouse who is involved in an intimate relationship with someone else involves the introduction of a new type of sexual interaction. Frankly, this new type of sexual interaction is likely something that developed during the cheating relationship.

Hide Cell Phone

Oftentimes, a cheating spouse makes it a point to hide his or her cellphone. A spouse involved in infidelity may be adamant about keeping the non offending spouse away from his or her phone because of calls that have been made or even photos stored on the device.

Hide Cell Phone Bill

On a related note, a cheating spouse is also apt to try and hide the cell phone bill. This is particularly the case if a bill provides ready information about the number of calls or texts made. A person with a cheating spouse might be able to detect an increase in the amount of money expended for a cellphone (or the addition of another line), depending on the nature of the provider’s plan.

Increased Interest in Dress and Grooming

There is something of a cliché that suggests that the longer people are married, the less concerned they become with the manner in which they dress or even with grooming. Of course, this is not always the case. Nonetheless, one of the signs that a spouse may be cheating is found when that individual ends up taking a greater interest in attire and grooming.

Increased Use of Computer

The digital world oftentimes becomes an important arena in which a marital affair is furthered. For that reason, another potential sign that a spouse is involved in an extramarital relationship is found in the form of increase computer usage.

Unaccountable Time

A New Jersey divorce attorney is likely to explain that another possible sign of a cheating spouse is a husband or wife that has more unaccountable time than has been the case historically. An affair requires a person to spend time with the extramarital partner. And that time will not be properly accounted for by the person involve in an affair.

Accuses Other Spouse of Cheating

In a good many cases involving a cheating spouse, the person involved in an extramarital affair will actually accuse the faithful spouse of being the cheater. Psychologists sometimes refer to this type of conduct, to these types of accusations, as “transference.” In other words, the offending spouse is transferring the misconduct on the spouse who is faithful.

Jokes About Cheating

Yet another possible sign of a cheating spouse is a husband or wife that suddenly is found to be making jokes about having an affair. This is particularly the case if there has been no real history of that spouse using this type of humor in the past.

A New Jersey Divorce Lawyer and Your Legal Rights

If you are contemplating a divorce, or if your spouse has initiated marriage dissolution proceedings, you are wise to be as proactive as possible in reaching out to an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney. You can connect with a seasoned, dedicated New Jersey divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Peter Van Aulen at (201) 845-7400.

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