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Seven Common Reasons for Divorce in the United States

On some level, there are as many different scenarios that lead to divorce proceedings as there are married couples in the United States. With that said, there are some more commonplace underlying reasons for divorce. Seven of the more frequently occurring reasons underpinning a divorce are.

  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Cheating or infidelity
  • Continuous conflict
  • Domestic abuse
  • Communication issues
Irreconcilable Differences

On some level, the idea of irreconcilable differences leading to divorce is something of a comprehensive catchall for a couple that no longer can stay wed. Indeed, irreconcilable differences represent the grounds for no-fault divorce across the country.

While not trying to sound overly simplistic, it is fair to say a married couple "cannot get along." Noting that, irreconcilable differences really mean something more than an inability to "get along." Irreconcilable differences are challenges that exist between spouses that are so serious that the ends of marriage can no longer be satisfied.

Financial Issues

Time and again, people heading to divorce court are doing so because of financial issues that have arisen during the course of the marriage. Financial issues can and do take many forms. They literally run the proverbial gambit, from situations involving a lack of money to couples at loggerheads arising out of conflicts associated with managing wealth.

Financial issues include disputes over how money should be spent, perpetual arguments centering on spending too much money, and even problems associated with allegations that one spouse or another is hiding assets. In the end, when many couples divorce, issues surrounding money can be the most contentious during marriage dissolution proceedings.

Lack of Intimacy

Yet another reason for divorce is a lack of intimacy between spouses. There are cases in which intimacy issues persist from the beginning of a marriage or proceeded the nuptials. A larger number of cases arise from situations in which intimacy issues develop over time after a couple marries.

Cheating or Infidelity

Cheating or infidelity represents another of the more common reasons for divorce. This includes situations in which a spouse ends up involved in a significant intimate relationship with a person beyond the marriage. It also includes situations in which a spouse has a proverbial "one-night stand" or some other type of more transient affair or episode of extramarital sex.

Continuous Conflict

Somewhat related to irreconcilable differences is something known as continuous conflict between spouses. Some people involved in marriage and divorce might classified this as a bit different from irreconcilable differences because irreconcilable difference includes a variety of factors dooming a marriage, sometimes including continuous conflict.

Examples of persistent conflict that can fatally damage a marriage are extensive. These examples of persistent conflict that are reasons for divorce include:

  • Disputes over money
  • Disagreements regarding children
  • Issues arising from relationships with in-laws and other relatives
  • Conflicts over work and employment
  • Issues surrounding leisure time
  • Arguments arising from a spouse's friends and associates
  • Issues surrounding alcohol or drug use
Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a major problem among married people in the United States. This includes physical, psychological, emotional, and financial abuse.

Domestic abuse is one of the more frequently cited reasons for divorce. Marriage dissolution cases tend to be particularly emotionally charged. Oddly, they also often are marriage dissolution proceedings in which spouses go back and forth regarding proceeding with a case, including the spouse who is the target of domestic abuse.

Communication Issues

Finally, in considering the most common reasons for divorce for people in the United States, communication issues are on the list of the top seven. Communication issues oftentimes do not stand alone as a primary reason for divorce. The stark reality is that a breakdown in marital communications leads to other serious problems as well, including issues with intimacy, financial disputes, continuous conflict, and irreconcilable differences.

These seven commonplace reasons for divorce cases underscore how likely it is for a marriage dissolution case to become contentious. When spouses retain experienced divorce attorneys, some of the direct interaction between spouses during marriage dissolution proceedings can be eliminated. This tends to have the effect of lowering the overall level of emotions in a divorce case. If you believe you have a reason for divorce and are thinking about filing for the same, call 201-845-7400.

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