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Should You See a Therapist During a New Jersey Divorce?

Divorce can prove to be one of the most challenging if not the most challenging experiences in a person’s life. For this reason, seeking the professional assistance of a therapist during a New Jersey divorce often proves to be a “good call.” The reasons for seeking the support of a therapist during a divorce are many. With that said, there are some more commonplace reasons why people should and do seek guidance from a therapist during a marriage dissolution case:

  • Feeling emotionally out of control
  • Experiencing depression or anxiety
  • Reliable support during divorce
  • Keep anchored
  • Plan for post-divorce life
You Feel Emotionally Out of Control

One indicator that you might benefit from seeing a therapist or counselor during your divorce is if you feel “out of control.” The out of control feeling can take many forms and includes:

Feeling like you are on an emotional rollercoaster

Feeling unable to deal with day-to-day tasks associated with work or your personal life

Feeling incapable to addressing issues in your divorce case

Growing conflicts with other people in your life

These are examples of how an out of control feeling can exhibit. In the final analysis, there is something to be said for the idea that you will know when certain situations or experiences arise that leave you feeling incapable of exercising control

You Think You’re Experiencing Depression or Anxiety

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are very common before, during, and after a divorce. If you feel you may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or some other mental or emotional issue as a result of the status of your marriage, seeking professional support from a therapist can be highly advisable. (Keep in mind that a considerable majority of people experience these conditions during the course of a divorce and after a marriage dissolution case has ended.)

Reliable Support During Divorce

One keyway in which you can keep your life on track during and after a divorce is through the reliable support of other people. Even the best intentions of family members and friends may prove a bit spotty when it comes to the support you perceive that you need during your marriage dissolution case. One reason you need to give serious consideration to seeing a therapist is to obtain consistent support during the course of your marriage dissolution case.

Keep Yourself Anchored

On a related note, seeking professional support and assistance from a qualified therapist also helps to keep you anchored during a marriage dissolution proceeding. The reality is that a divorce typically uproots a person’s life to a considerable degree. As a consequence, an individual can easily end up feeling off balance or out of kilter.

Plan for a Healthier Post-Divorce Life

You certainly want to be on a pathway for a healthy post-divorce life as you pursue an end to your marriage. In some instances, how to get on a proper course to a healthier post-divorce life can be challenging or unclear.

One of the areas that therapists that work with divorcing people are adept at is in regard to aiding their clients in crafting a healthier post-divorce life. A therapist can help you evaluate options and create a meaningful action plan to go from marriage to divorce case to a post-divorce life in the healthiest manner possible.

A plan for a healthier post-divorce life should be as comprehensive as possible. In this regard, a therapist can also provide you with assistance in finding resources you can access after the end of your divorce case. These resources can span the spectrum and include everything from support groups to fitness programs to other assistance to best ensure a consistently healthy existence in your new life.

Your Legal Rights in a New Jersey Divorce

Obtaining professional assistance from a therapist during a marriage dissolution case certainly can be important. Moreover, retaining the assistance of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can be imperative. The first step in hiring a New Jersey divorce lawyer is scheduling a free initial consultation at the Law Offices of Peter Van Aulen by calling 201-845-7400.

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