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Tactics to Deal with High School Aged Child Who Tries to Avoid Spending Time with Noncustodial Parent

Dealing with a high school-aged child who avoids spending time with you can be a tough situation to handle for noncustodial parents. It is essential to maintain a positive relationship with your child as it is vital for their growth and development. You may feel like your efforts are going in vain, but with persistence and patience, you can overcome this challenge. Here are some strategies that can help you encourage your child to spend time with you and maintain a positive relationship and have a positive parenting time experience.

Communication is Key

Talk to your child about why they are avoiding planned parenting time. Listen to their concerns and try to address them in a calm and respectful manner. It is important to create an open and safe environment for your child to express their thoughts and feelings. This way, you can work together to find solutions that work for everyone. Be sure to avoid getting defensive or confrontational during the conversation as it can make things worse.

Be Flexible with the Schedule

Work with your child and your ex-spouse to find a parenting time schedule that works for everyone. This can involve adjusting the visitation schedule to accommodate your child's extracurricular activities or school commitments. By being flexible, you show your child that you are willing to work with them to find a solution that works for everyone. This will create a sense of understanding and cooperation that can help improve your relationship with your child.

Plan Fun Activities

Plan fun and engaging activities for planned parenting time stays. This can help make the time more enjoyable for both of you. Activities can include going to the movies, playing sports, or trying out new hobbies. By planning activities that your child enjoys, you can create a positive atmosphere and create memories that your child will cherish. Ensure that you give your child the space to choose the activities they want to do and avoid pressuring them to do something they really do not enjoy.

Respect Boundaries

It is important to respect your child's boundaries and give them space if they need it. Don't force them to spend time with you if they are not comfortable. Give them the freedom to choose when they want to spend time with you. If your child needs space, let them know that you are there for them and that you are always available to talk or spend time with them when they are ready.

Be Consistent

Be consistent with the parenting time schedule and make sure your child knows when to expect to these stays to occur. This can help create a sense of stability and routine, which can be beneficial for your child. By being consistent, you show your child that spending time with the noncustodial is a priority. Stay Positive

It is important to stay positive and not badmouth your ex-spouse to your child. This can make them feel caught in the middle and cause them to pull away from spending time with you. Instead, focus on positive experiences and memories that you can create with your child. Encourage them to share their experiences with you and show them that you are interested in their lives and activities.

Seek Professional Help

Consider seeking the help of a family therapist if you are struggling to connect with your child. A family therapist can provide the necessary tools and guidance to help you rebuild your relationship with your child. They can also help you and your child work through any underlying issues that may be contributing to the avoidance behavior. A therapist can help you understand your child's perspective and provide you with strategies to approach them and strengthen your relationship.

Show Interest

Show a genuine interest in your child's life and activities. This can help them feel valued and more willing to spend time with you. Ask them about their hobbies, interests, and school activities. Attend their events and show your support. By showing interest in your child's life, you can create a stronger bond and foster a positive relationship.

Be Patient

Be patient and give your child time to adjust to the new situation. It may take some time, but with persistence and patience, you can rebuild your relationship with your child. Avoid pressuring your child or getting upset if they do not want to spend time with you. Instead, continue to reach out to them and let them know that you are there for them. Show them that you respect their decisions and that you are willing to wait until they are ready to spend time with you. If you have any questions concerning child custody, call the Law Offices of Peter Van Aulen at 201 845-7400 for a free consultation,

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